Winter Riddles for Kids

It is difficult to overestimate the role of riddles in the development of a child . They contribute to the activation of children’s mental activity and the integration of all areas of knowledge. When solving a riddle, a child actively searches for an answer, relying not only on his knowledge, but also on personal experience, including logic, imagination, and associative connections.

Play riddles with your children!
I offer a selection of riddles about winter for children of preschool and primary school age.
The selection may be useful to preschool teachers, primary school teachers, additional education teachers, teacher organizers and parents.

Riddles for children about winter

I dusted the paths and decorated the windows. She gave joy to the children and took them for a ride on a sled.


He is always busy with work, He cannot go in vain. He goes and paints white everything he sees on the way.

And not snow, and not ice, but with silver he will remove the trees.

White grandfather, Old, hunchbacked, Lying near the hut. It lies all winter – No one will pick it up. Spring will come – He will leave on his own.

Which Christmas tree toy shoots like a cannon?

He is always angry about something And always, when he is angry, The children’s faces blush, And all the old ones look younger.

What kind of star is this On the coat and on the scarf – All through, cut out, And if you take it – water in your hand?

It flowed, flowed and lay under the glass.
(River under the ice)

Winter on the gray roofs Throws seeds – Grows white carrots Under the roofs.

Oh, it’s snowing! I lead out my friend horse, holding him by the rope.

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