Assassin Coloring Pages

Assassin Coloring Pages

Assassin coloring pages offer a captivating collection of illustrations inspired by the renowned computer game, designed especially for young boys who are fans of thrilling adventures. The game’s narrative revolves around the age-old conflict between two secretive factions – the Assassins and the Templars.

Members of these organizations embark on global quests, seeking artifacts of immense power. In the contemporary setting, the game’s protagonist leads an unsuspecting life as a bartender, unaware of his ancestry tracing back to a formidable assassin from centuries past.

With crayons and paints in hand, children can transform monochrome sketches into vibrant masterpieces. What makes this activity exciting is that kids don’t need to recall exact character details from the computer screen. Instead, they can unleash their creativity and imagination to bring these Assassin coloring pages to life. Choose your favorite designs and enjoy the artistic journey by downloading or printing them in A4 format, all free of charge. Happy coloring!

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