shrek coloring pages

Shrek Coloring Pages

Shrek coloring pages are a fun and engaging way for kids to express their creativity and imagination. With a variety of characters and scenes to choose from, kids can create their own unique masterpieces. Shrek coloring pages are also a great way for kids to learn about different colors and shapes.

Download Free Printable Shrek Coloring Pages

veryone’s favorite ornery ogre has been entertaining audiences since 2001. Now kids and adults alike can enjoy bringing the lovable characters of Shrek to life with these free printable Shrek coloring pages. With over 20 years of movies, the world of Shrek offers plenty of fun coloring opportunities.

Start by printing some pages featuring Shrek himself in all his grouchy green glory. His signature scowl and enormous ears are perfect for practicing your coloring skills. Add shadows and textures to his clothes to make them pop off the page. You can portray Shrek in his standard look of a white tunic or get creative with other outfits from his adventures.

Of course, you can’t have Shrek without his trusted steed Donkey. Keep your gray and brown coloring pencils handy to capture Donkey’s expressive ears and mane. His big toothy grin is always ready for a laugh. Make his fur look extra soft and fluffy with smooth shading.

Princess Fiona is the leading lady of the series, so be sure to include coloring pages of her in both human and ogre form. Her gowns and long flowing hair allow for lots of creative embellishments. Add some bling to her crown and necklace for regal style. And don’t forget her sassy personality with bold lip and eye colors.

Every fairy tale kingdom needs a villain, and Lord Farquaad fills that role wonderfully. Print pages showing his comically short stature and posh kingly clothes. Use your darkest pencils and pens to get the point across that he’s the bad guy. But leave room for some color too to capture his animated expressions.

For more fun characters, search for Shrek coloring sheets featuring Puss in Boots, Gingy, and the Three Little Pigs. Extra details like Puss’ hat and boots are great for coloring practice. And you can never have enough decorated gingerbread men!

Relive all the laughter and adventure of the Shrek films by printing some free coloring pages. Kids and adults alike will have a roaring good time bringing their favorite crude but kindhearted ogre and friends to colorful life. Shrek would be tickled ogre-green to see your artistic creations.

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