American Football coloring pages

American Football Coloring Pages

Get your markers ready and download this fun collection of free American football coloring pages! Print these pages featuring football players, logos, helmets and more for hours of NFL coloring fun. Perfect activity for football fans young and old.

American Football coloring pages are black and white illustrations dedicated to a sport that is immensely popular in the United States of America. While it shares a vague resemblance with regular football, the rules are significantly different.

In American football, players use their hands, the ball is oval-shaped, and points can be scored not only by throwing it into the goal, but also by simply advancing the ball across the field to a specific area. This game was first played almost one hundred and fifty years ago and has since become one of the most spectacular and beloved sports in America. Choose your favorite American Football coloring pages and print them for free in A4 size.

Download Free printable American Football coloring pages

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